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Pampered Hair Haven supplies only superior quality 100% human hair extensions. Using superior quality 100% human hair extensions should be the priority when considering extending your hair in order to achieve a natural look.

Our hair is weighed and sold by the pound, half-pound, quarter pound and ounce. Prices vary depending on texture, length, color, if loose/bulk or on a weft.  It can be applied by several techniques: weaving, braiding, fusing, bonding, used for wigs and clip-on. We offer free consultations and do our best to educate our customers on all there is to know about extending their hair and assist our customers in deciding the best texture, color and technique for them. We also supply many salons in Minnesota and other states and are able to assist you with some referrals that are a good fit for the technique you prefer.

We offer an extensive selection of soft, free-flowing, natural looking human hair extensions in various colors, lengths and textures. Colors are available in Black, Brown, Auburn, Blondes, Mixed Gray and all the colors in between. We can artistically blend different textures and colors to meet your desired hairstyle.

Hair lengths vary from 16-40 inches loose/bulk and 8-36 inches weaving hair. 18-20 inches weaving or braiding hair is considered a standard length. Longer time may be necessary for some order to be processed. Best of all our hair can be removed and reused as determined by both you and your stylist.

Hair extensions are created to truly enhance a look, if they are matched and applied well.
Custom Blend
No need to chemically color your hair. You can add vibrant colors; highlights or lowlight using Pampered Hair Haven's superior quality 100% human hair meant for the stars.


We specialize in matching our human hair extensions to a customer’s natural hair by skillfully blending various hair colors and textures to get just the right blend. This makes it undetectable from the customer’s own hair.



We go the extra mile for our customers and are dedicated to providing you with a peace
of mind knowing that you will no longer be burdened with inferior, low-grade,
unsuitable and unmanageable hair extensions.

You can certainly feel the pampered
care we put into every single order.

Part of the process for wefting an anchor
for those who choose to weave or bond.

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